Let Neil “explain”

Watch Neil Patrick Harris in his latest attempts to be our spokesman.

2-time winner,

Best Tasting Light

Heineken Light has been named the World Beer Championships’ Best Tasting Light Beer for the second year running. ​And if Neil asks, that World’s Smoothest Spokesman award is coming any minute.

It’s no accident

A flavor profile worthy of the ​Best Taste Guarantee doesn’t just happen on its own. It requires expert brewmasters with a dedication to quality ingredients. And taste buds. It also requires taste buds.

Like all beers, Heineken Light is mostly made of water. But unlike other Light Lagers, it doesn’t taste like it. Malted barley provides a foundation for its aroma, flavor, and color, then two unique ingredients turn that simple mash into the Best Tasting Light Beer.

Top hops

The floral notes and hints of citrus come from the use of Cascade Hops. It’s a choice commonly found in IPAs, which explains why Heineken Light is uncommonly flavorful.

Not all yeasts
are created equal

Finally, our brewmasters add the same proprietary “A-Yeast” that gives Heineken Lager its signature aroma. You know, instead of fixing what isn’t broken.

The brew spends its first 5 fermentation days in a horizontal tank, which gives Heineken Light its fruity character and a pretty laid back attitude.

Au Naturel

We’ve gone to great lengths to craft the new and improved Heineken Light using nothing but natural, quality ingredients. That means no filler grains, no coloring, no preservatives, and absolutely no GMOs.

Best Taste Guarantee

We’re so confident in Heineken Light’s award-winning flavor, we’re guaranteeing it’s the Best Light Beer you’ve ever tasted. Try a 6-pack and if you don’t agree, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back.

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